Advanced Course in flow cytometry, 2-5 Oct, Siena

A second ‘ADVANCED COURSE IN FLOW CYTOMETRY APPLIED TO VACCINOLOGY’ will be organized by the University of Siena and directed by Dr. Sandra Nuti (GSK, USA).

The course will be on 2-5 October 2019, at the Siena University Hospital, Italy.

This course will be of particular relevance for researchers involved in the field of vaccination, both at the pre-clinical and clinical level, with basic knowledge of flow cytometry. It will be focused on high-dimension flow cytometry, starting from the multiparameter panel design to the computational analysis of data. Practical sessions on experimental design, data acquisition and data analysis, using novel computational strategies, will be part of the course.

The course will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

For registration, please fill the attached application forms and info:



Please return to, no later than the 5th of July 2019. The cost of the course is 800 €, that includes course participation, material, lunches and coffee breaks.



Sandra Nuti, GSK Vaccines R&D, USA

Yvan Saeys, DaMBI, Ghent University, Belgium Sofie Van Gassen, Ghent University, Belgium Annalisa Ciabattini, University of Siena, Italy Frédéric Clement, Ghent University, Belgium Daniele Manganaro, Becton Dickinson, Italy Simone Furini, University of Siena, Italy Elena Pettini, University of Siena, Italy