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12-14 September 2017: Modern Vaccines Adjuvants & Delivery Systems

MVADS 2017 (Modern Vaccines Adjuvants & Delivery Systems) is the 6th international conference in this series addressing current research on novel vaccines and adjuvants and delivery systems for these biologics. It will focus on updating the community on new adjuvant/delivery systems/technologies associated with developing modern vaccines strategies and vaccine research. MVADS 2017 will be of […]

19-21 April 2017: Influenza Vaccines for the World

Influenza Vaccines for the World – IVW 2017 is the sixth international conference and exhibition in this important series of influenza vaccine meetings. The IVW conference series focuses on ‘Influenza Vaccination Issues’. The IVW series is an international forum for world renowned experts in the field of influenza vaccines and related issues (adjuvants/delivery/vaccination strategies) to […]

Project Manager position open at Sclavo Vaccines Association (SVA)

Please see the PDF or see at the Sclavo webpage  for more information.   Annuncio Project Manager 2017

27 February – 01 March: WHO Consultation and Information Meeting on the Composition of Influenza Virus Vaccines

WHO Consultation and Information Meeting on the Composition of Influenza Virus Vaccines for Use in the 2017-2018 Northern Hemisphere Influenza Season. The periodic replacement of viruses contained in influenza vaccines is necessary in order for the vaccines to be effective due to the constantly evolving nature of influenza viruses, including those circulating and infecting humans. […]

26 – 30 October 2016: Translational Vaccinology for Global Health London, United Kingdom

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10 – 12 October 2016: World Vaccine Congress Europe Barcelona, Spain

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02 – 04 October 2016, 10th ISV Annual Vaccine Congress Boston, USA

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04 – 07 September 2016: 10th Vaccine Congress Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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24-28 August 2016: Options (IX) for the Control of Influenza Conference, Chicago, USA

Options for the Control of Influenza conferences – OPTIONS IX. Held every 3 years, it remains the largest international conference exclusively devoted to influenza prevention, control and treatment, including seasonal flu and pandemic preparedness.  The program is well-developed and led by work-groups on Clinical Science, Public Health plus Virology.  Like its predecessors, OPTIONS IX will […]

23-24 June 2016: EDUFLUVAC workshop on experimental animal models for universal influenza vaccines

The second EDUFLUVAC workshop, an integrated part of the project programme on the development of a broadly reactive influenza vaccine, will focus on experimental animal models for universal vaccines. The event will take place 23 – 24 June 2016 at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre, Rijswijk, Netherlands. The workshop will bring together experts from both […]

26-27 April 2016: FLUCOP annual meeting 2016, Siena, Italy

The FLUCOP annual meeting 2016 will take place in Siena on 26-27 April 2016.  The meeting will cover topics ranging from ‘Standardisation HAI and VN assays’ to ‘Consideration of new technologies yet to be applied to population based evaluations of influenza vaccines’ and will update all partners about progress achieved during the past year.  This […]

11-15 April 2016: School of Influenza, University of Siena – ISIRV, Italy

After two successful Summer Schools of Influenza held in 2011 and 2012, the University of Siena and the International Society for Influenza and other Respiratory Virus Diseases (ISIRV) invite you to participate in the School of Influenza 2016 (Corso di formazione in Influenza), planned for 11-15 April 2016 in Siena (Italy). The University of Siena-ISIRV […]

29-31 Mar 2016: World Vaccine Congress, Washington D.C., USA

The World Vaccine Congress & Expo is a 3 day event held from 29 March to 31 March 2016 in Washington, United States Of America. This event covers topics including Influenzae and respiratory diseases, emerging global diseases, as well as adjuvant technologies to novel immunotherapies and general information about vaccines and clinical trials. It is […]

09 December 2015: FLUCOP @ EVI Rendez-Vous 2015

At this year’s European Vaccine Initiative (EVI) Rendez-Vous, taking place at Institut Pasteur Paris on 9th December 2015, the scientific coordinator of the FLUCOP Emanuele Montomoli introduced the FLUCOP project to the audience and showed the progress on analysing which factors lead to variable results in haemagglutination inhibition and virus neutralisation assays. This data paves […]

18-20 November 2015: 4th WHO Informal Consultation on Improving Influenza Vaccine Virus Selection

18 to 20 November 2015, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China With growing awareness of influenza as an important global disease, increasing demand for influenza vaccines, development of new laboratory tests and scientific researches, and emerging new and high throughput technologies, WHO held three informal consultations so far in Geneva 2010, 2011 and 2014. […]

19 October 2015: WHO Influenza Update

Based on data up to 04 October 2015 the WHO published their Influenza update N° 243 on 19 October 2015. In summary the global influenza activity generally decreased or remained low in both hemispheres, with only a few countries reporting elevated respiratory illness levels.

18-20 October 2015: 9th Vaccine & ISV Congress, Seoul, South Korea

The aim of the 9th Vaccine & ISV Congress is to provide a forum for researchers, professionals and policy makers to present, share and exchange the latest cutting edge discoveries in vaccines and vaccinations. The conference will include: Human vaccines – infectious diseases Human vaccines – non-infectious diseases Veterinary vaccines Vaccine safety Clinical studies and […]

6-9 October 2015: The Fifth International Conference on Influenza Vaccines for the World

The Fifth International Conference on Influenza Vaccines for the World – IVW 2015 will be taking place at the Sao Rafael Atlantic Hotel, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal 6-9 October 2015 Secure online registration for IVW 2015 is still open.

6-9 October 2015: Impressions from the Influenza Vaccines for the World meeting 2015, Albufeira, Portugal

About 130 industry and academic scientists attended the influenza vaccines for the world 2015 meeting 6-9 October in Albufeira, Portugal. The meeting was opened by John Oxford who presented a centuries overview on scientific discoveries in the field of influenza research ranging from 1918 to recent discoveries. Sarah Gilbert (University of Oxford,UK) presented a keynote […]

17 September 2015: Annual Influenza Update

2015 Annual Influenza Update Thursday, September 17, 2015 Woodwinds 29 School Ground Rd, Branford, CT 8:00am-4:00pm  

20-21 April 2015: FLUCOP Kick-off Meeting